NGO Partners

Alance Postivo (The boys and girls club of Panama) is a three-year USAID funded program working in the areas of youth development and violence prevention. Alcance Positivo is a highly collaborative program aiming to strengthen the work of municipal governments, youth centers, community organizations, and community police in youth development and violence prevention. In June 2013, USAID office and financial support ends thus creating the need for a strategic partnership to provide assistance to the youth centers. (

A long-term technical assistance and support system for the 24 Centros de Alcance, via a partnership with a local university
A broad and intensive financial resources campaign to garner sustainable financial support for Centros de Alcance

Cambio Creativo (Art and creative outlet for at-risk youth that follows a nonprofit and social enterprise model) is located in the neighborhood of Coco Solo in Colon, Panama. Cambio Creativo serves as an educational platform that promotes critical thinking skills, determination and self-expression through the process of exchanging ideas and skills. Mentors from Panama City and abroad hold monthly workshops with the youth in Coco Solo on topics ranging from math, photography, and literacy. Cambio Creativo is looking to diversify its revenue stream by developing and marketing two of the projects created by its youth participants – an alphabet photography book and alphabet song. (

Assistance with accounting, bookkeeping, basic Business practices
Operations and marketing support for product development (Alphabet book, Alphabet Song)

SembrArte (Metropolitan art projects sponsored by local corporations) focuses on community development and the improvement of public spaces through collaborative art projects engaging youth and those who may otherwise not have access to art. In the past SembrArte has collaborated with other organizations to host and partake in community events in Panama, such as Artblock, Yo Voy Verde, and Festival Abierto. SembrArte’s revenue stream based on planning and hosting events that meet the CSR needs of corporations in Panama. (

Development of clear and direct mission and vision
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Organization planningStaffing, roles and responsibilities
Pricing of product offering

Por Mi Barrio (At-risk youth center for education and sports) is operated by Fundación Ayudando a Vivir and located in the small town of 24 de Diciembre on the outskirts of Panama City, Panama. Por Mi Barrio focuses on youth development and violence prevention following the “Centro de Alcance” and Power of 5 models, designed by USAID ( Dr. Eduardo Barsallo is the President of Fundación Ayudando a Vivir and will be our main contact. To start operations the center received a $25,000 grant from Alcance Positivo (USAID funded project) in March 2012; since then, Dr. Barsallo has been personally funding the center

Aggressive marketing plan
Social media consulting (Indiegogo campaign)
Strategic planning to reach next goal of expansion of centers and mobile buses