Meet the Team


Chip Reno : Founder
Chip Reno’s professional career spans from traveling musician, technology startup founder to social entrepreneur. He became passionate about international social causes when he participated in a consulting trip through his MBA program. After Chip took it upon himself to create an enterprise that would provide more consulting opportunities for business students from any program or school. He believes that capacity and timing of a consulting trip should not be a barrier for a student to volunteer.

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2bddc0dSean Buchanan : Founder (left)
Sean believes in encouraging action, education and volunteerism to impact the quality of life and health options for all individuals. His background is in leadership, entrepreneurship and sales with emphasis in driving organizations to sustainability. He was greatly moved by his studies abroad and looks forward to making a difference with global education and economic development. Currently, he is finishing his Masters of Business Administration at University of Washington Bothell.

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