Meet Anabel and Adriano, ICON Consultant- Laurie

Panama 2012 018

Today, I walked into a youth center managed by Anabel and Adriano – a dedicated couple that operate a foundation/youth center in Nuevo Veranillo, Panama.  This team of two (plus 17 volunteers) provide after school child care, help with tutoring and homework, job skills classes and sporting activities for 70 – 150 kids per day.  In a community where 50% of the parents are alcoholic or drug addicted, this center provides much needed support – sometimes the only meal a child will receive all day.  Many of the kids that visit here daily call Anabel “mom”. In many ways, she is.  She helps them study and stay focused on school.  Teaches them skills and values.  And scolds them when they need it.  And loves them all.  On a shoestring budget and a 100% volunteer staff, Anabel and Adriano make an impact in this community, one child at a time.

About Fundacion Transformando Vidas in Nuevo Veranillo
The center provides school tutoring, recreational and sports activities, development of vocational and computer skills, strengthening of ethical principles and psychological assistance to around 400 youth per month, with the objective of keeping them away from violence in any of its manifestations.

About Alcance Positivo
Alcance Positivo has inaugurated 21 centers in Panama, San Miguelito, Colón and Darién in vulnerable communities. The availability of sports, cultural, computer, vocational skills, and other programs offered, contribute in a positive manner to offer greater success opportunities for youth.